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Developing macOS applications since 2014.

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About Limelick Software

Mac platform focused

Our core product is Kingpin Private Browser that does not remember history, passwords or cookies. Another product is Menu Bar Analytics.

Passion for usability

While developing our applications we take special care on how people interact with the product. We strive to make simple apps, easy to use.

Apple design

Our macOS apps are built using components following Apple Human Interface Guidelines. Menus, windows, buttons, scrollbar - everything is consistent.


If you find some bugs, do not hesitate to contact us using the form below. Just describe the issue, your OS, and please attach a screenshot.

Kingpin Private Browser

Kingpin browser is a full-featured browser with incognito mode and adblock always turned on. It does not remember history, passwords, or cookies.

The browser is using Google search as default (can be changed to DuckDuckGo in settings). It can be used as the additional browser for browsing sensitive content or browser used for more secure online shopping and banking.

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Menu Bar Analytics

The goal of the Menu Bar Analytics macOS app is to simplify access to Google Analytics for Apple users.

As soon as you turn on your Mac you can see the number of your website visits in the standard macOS menu bar. All you need to do is to login into your Google Account. While you have all the numbers one click away, you never lose track of your website data.

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